Integration & Interoperability

Clinically Led: Developing and Improving the EPR System at Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust

Software tends to fail when it doesn’t cater to the users’ needs. Richard Slater, Consultant General Surgeon and Clinical Lead Health Informatics, at Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust shares his company’s’ story as they underwent a change where clinicians’ values were incorporated into the new software as well as the IT department’s status went from being in the outside of the structure to being the center. The restructuring of the organization and software doesn’t stop here; the Trust is constantly developing projects that will help better the service provided to patients. 

Heath and Social Care information Centre Director of IT Shares Insights on Top Priorities for 2014

Watch this interview with George Hope, Director of IT at the Heath and Social Care information Centre to discover more about the multi-million pound information sharing challenge fund. You can also hear how George is overcoming their key challenges in 2014, plus his thoughts on the vendor community and the future of technology.

Driving Interoperability and Data Sharing: A View from the CCIO of NHS Cumbria

Dr. William Lumb who is CCIO for NHS Cumbria and GP for three days a week, speaks to the Healthcare IT Exchange about the current projects he is working on and his key responsibilities in his role as CCIO.

William describes their strategy for interoperability and what stage they have reached: for example, for 98% of patients in Cumbria, a meaningful extract of their GP records is available to them out of hours, so this project is complete. Now they are using the same technology to move this to other areas. He also explains why he faces challenges in the areas of politics, the reorganisation of the NHS and getting the clinicians to understand that the data should be shared. William moves on to share his insights into IT security issues they face.