Electronic Patient Records

Keeping Up with Changing Patients’ Demands through Digital Platforms

Enid Povey, Associate Director, Clinical Information and Development at NHS Direct spoke with the Healthcare IT Exchange to discuss the digital platforms NHS Direct is working on, how they are taking account of changing patient needs, plus share her insights on the future for healthcare IM&T.

Digital Transformation: Catering to the Needs of Employees and Patients

Purchasing the right systems plays a key role when determining digital transformation within an organization. Dr. Paul Upton, Director of Transformation & Acting CCIO at Royal Cornwall Hospital Trusts discusses their new online service where patients are able to complete their preoperative assessment online before attending their appointment. When investing in technology, it is important to test if the device fits certain needs, is secure, and will help smooth the work flow. 

How Clinical Engagement with IT has allowed Alternative Funding of Clinical Systems

The Director of IM&T at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust highlights the success of their electronic patient record system that is interactive and enables access to an average of 28.000 records every day.  Mark will share how they were able to set this up successfully with funding from the trusts clinical directorates’ budgets as well as insights into the strategic plan for integrated care within the city of Salford. The Q&A will reveal some of the tactical steps that have been undertaken to ensure efficient and effective integration across social care, mental health, primary and secondary health organisations.